Our clients have highly desirable positions that you may not find using typical job search methods. Hire us as your agent today; we have the client base to expose you to the industry, the position, and the work environment you want.
How can I benefit from contract work? I want a permanent job, so I thought I would collect unemployment until the right opportunity came along.
Becoming an A&F Group Finance Associate yields many benefits to the permanent job seeker. First, you can make money, improve your skills, and make valuable contacts in the business world as a contract worker while you are searching for a permanent job. Hiring authorities, especially in the accounting industry, are far more likely to hire candidates who are performing in an office environment than those who are collecting unemployment. In addition, a growing number of companies are "auditioning" contract workers for full-time, direct-hire positions. Many A&F Group Finance contract workers are hired on a direct-hire basis. There are many people who find the flexibility and diversity of contract work an extremely attractive alternative to permanent work. Many others use contract work to find a direct-hire position, earn extra money, learn new skills, and experiment with different career alternatives.

I'm not an accountant. Why should I register with you?
We place a wide range of accounting and financial positions - from CFOs and Controllers to Accounting Clerks, Bookkeepers and PC spreadsheet specialists. If you are qualified to work in the accounting and finance industry, you can turn to us for contract and direct-hire employment.

Why do I need to come into your office?
The recruitment business is a face-to-face business. While we can start the hiring process over the Internet, it is necessary to meet in person to move to the next step.

To best determine if we can be of service to you in your employment pursuits, we need to conduct interviews and assess your skills in person. Also, by meeting with our Recruiting Agents and seeing our operation, you can see how valuable we can be to your career pursuits.

What does this cost me?
Absolutely nothing. Companies throughout the country pay us directly to find highly-qualified accounting and financial personnel. We save them hours and hours of recruiting and screening time, and we present them with only qualified personnel who meet their specific requirements.

I'm interested. What's my next step?
The choice is yours. You can go here and complete our online application. An A&F Group branch representative will then contact you shortly. You can review our most current job openings and submit your qualifications and requests for either contract or direct-hire employment. Or call your local branch directly. You can work with us in whatever way is best for you. No matter how you get in touch with us, we look forward to helping you.