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Partner: A chief executive of the firm or office; canvasses and recruits new clients; ultimately responsible for accuracy of all audits, tax forms and reports.
Director: Partner-level position, usually not a CPA. Consults, canvasses and recruits new clients; may have human resources responsibilities.
Manager: CPA required; supervises staff within area of expertise; has responsibility for coordination and completion of all projects.
Senior: 3+ years experience. Responsible for completing audits, tax preparation and filing of forms; directs staff on specific projects.
Staff Accountant: 1-3 years experience. Assists senior accountants in the research and preparation for audits, projects and taxes.

CFO: Highest ranking financially-oriented position within a company. Responsibilities include overall financial control and the entire range of financial activity. Formulates and recommends policies on banking, receipt and disbursements of funds, extensions of credit, fiscal and accounting matters.
Treasurer: Senior management executive concerned with long- and short-term cash management problems. Reviews all budgets and financial statements; approves capital expenditures; arranges for outside financing, borrowing; advises on acquisitions and mergers.
Controller: Holds the highest line supervisory position in the financial division. Responsible for all financial reporting and record keeping functions. Has complete responsibility for the protection of the company's assets.
Assistant Controller and Assistant Treasurer: Responsibilities include controlling a significant sequence of divisional activities. Assists in the development of detailed budgets and cash forecasts.
Tax Manager: Supervises the gathering, timely reporting and payment of all local, state and federal taxes. Audits internal data for compliance with company's own tax procedures and recommends changes in organizational methods to maximize tax reduction opportunities.
Accounting Manager: Responsible for the formulation and supervision of approved accounting practices and provides accurate reporting and financial results.
Senior Accountant: Typical functions include the preparation of financial statements, management reports, extensive account analysis, and general and specific project auditing.
Accountant (General, Cost): 1-3 years experience. Prepares financial statements and various accounting reports; audits contracts, orders ,and vouchers; implements general accounting systems.
Internal/EDP Audit:
Staff - Conducts independent financial and operational audits for management's review of purchasing, production control, inventory, and accounting procedures.
Senior - Organizes information provided by audit staff for analysis and reports; responsible for accuracy of all information audited; supervises staff activities on a day-to-day basis.
Manager - Supervises auditors engaged in performing operational and financial audits; creates and assembles information in standard formats for analysis; reports on deviations from established norms in procedures and practices; recommends improvements in operations and financial positioning of the company.
Manager, Financial Analysis: Supervises and coordinates all financial analysis departmental functions.
Senior Analyst: Concerned with anticipated financial projections based on past projects, present earnings and future trends. Reviews project proposals for feasibility and profitability.
Analyst (Financial, Budget, Cost): 1 year experience. Applies principles of accounting to analyze past and present financial operations; estimates future revenues and expenditures; prepares budgets; develops, installs and maintains budgeting systems.
Credit Manager: Supervises the activities of employees who collect and compile data on prospective customers while establishing the financial risk involved. Maintains updated records on the current customer base and account status. Responsible for initiating collection efforts. Has input on investigative, collection and credit policy.
Assistant Credit Manager: Directly responsible for daily activities of staff and reporting of account status. Assists in the maintenance of current customer information.
Collections Specialist: Responsible for the day-to-day correspondence and telephone procedures relating to overdue accounts receivable. Strong collections background with expertise in credit card, consumer or leasing areas a plus.
Full Charge Bookkeeper: Responsibilities include general ledger through trial balances. Prepares monthly and yearly adjustments and accruals; prepares financial statements with limited supervision.
A/P - A/R Supervisor: Supervises accounts payable and receivable transactions, entries and trial balances; responsible for the accuracy of all journal entries; updates credit department on account status.
Assistant Bookkeeper: Posts entries in all journals; has experience in accounts receivable and payable as well as payroll; assists in reconciliation.
Accounting Clerk: Assists with journal entries under supervision; helps in the preparation of reports and posting entries to specific accounts.

Data Entry Operator: Enters data into terminal and has minimum (10,000) to above-average stroke count; can perform both alpha and numeric entry. Six months or more experience.
Payroll Manager: Supervises payroll preparation and input of wage and deduction calculations; responsible for reviewing payroll and tax reports, maintaining benefit accruals and preparing pertinent journal entries.
Payroll Clerk: Computes payroll; has knowledge of hourly, weekly, etc. wage calculations, deduction rates and limits. Has ability to reconcile automated output to source data; may possess specific software and service bureau experience.