We are excited to offer a unique approach to specialized accounting and financial recruiting and placement. A subsidiary of Integrity Staffing Solutions, a Philadelphia Business Hall of Fame Company, The A&F Group was created to focus 100% on financial and accounting positions. It’s all we do. Our goal is to have our Recruiting Agents create and maintain the best talent for your organization through one-on-one relationships. We offer both full-time and contract staffing based on your employment needs. Whether you are newly hiring or replacing a valued employee, we are here to help facilitate the hiring process as your dedicated Recruiting Agent.

For our client companies scouting for their next star player, we work diligently to get to know your business and needs, and then we match you with the best available talent.

Accurate and timely financial services are critical for any business—regardless of the size or function. Specializing in the financial, accounting, and banking industries, we understand the unique challenges you face, and we approach recruiting for your positions with the same thoroughness and timeliness that is expected of you.

As one of the nation’s largest and fastest growing private recruitment firms, The A&F Group delivers:

A network of qualified professionals, available for immediate deployment
Solutions for your full-time and contract workforce needs
A comprehensive range of skill sets and recruitment solutions
Innovative recruiting and retention strategies
A dedication to unmatchable customer service

We can help improve your productivity and performance by providing people who fit your needs perfectly, right when you need them. Next time you think of hiring contract or full-time staff, think of The A&F Group.