Our clients have highly desirable positions that you may not find using typical job search methods. Hire us as your agent today; we have the client base to expose you to the industry, the position, and the work environment you want.
The best athletes, actors, and top executives always have a great agent promoting them in their respective markets. Why not let a Recruiting Agent from The A&F group promote you, using the same techniques at no cost to you? At The A&F Group, we find the best, highest paying financial positions within the top companies in the area. Most of the positions we identify will never be found in a newspaper or online because of the exclusive relationships we have with our clients. The A&F Recruiting Agents are working with Fortune 500 companies like JP Morgan Chase, Amazon.com, Zappos, ING Direct, and more. They trust The A&F Group's Recruiting Agents to identify top talent to fill their critical hiring needs. Finding a top paying job at a great company is often like signing the contract of a lifetime; let us get to work for you today!

The A&F Group provides comprehensive financial staffing services throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and the surrounding area. For over 12 years, we have brought companies and professionals together, connecting people so they can accomplish more in business and in their careers.

Our candidate sourcing and recruitment process is designed to complement your company’s current hiring practices. From contract to permanent placements, you can be confident that the candidates we present will be qualified, knowledgeable, and exactly what you are looking for.
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Integrity Staffing has successfully filled our flexible staffing needs, taking over via an RFTP from a firm who did not meet our expectations administratively. Since the merger announcement, our needs have quadrupled yet the quality of staff provided and the administrative issues associated with this relationship have met or exceeded our expectations.
- JPMorganChase